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New acquisitions

Sidła - a photo of the cover. In the background a score by Grażyna Bacewicz

Sidła. A play on the basis of a novel written by Grażyna Bacewicz

In 2018, the Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne publishing house in Cracow (the PWM Edition) published a crime fiction – a detective story entitled Sidła...


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Book cover - Odwrócony dom by Hanna Kulenty

Odwrócony dom (The Inverted House) - a novel by Hanna Kulenty

A very important book was recently given to us by a well-known promoter of Polish music, the former director of the Polish Music Center at the...


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A photo: book and two CDs cover

Konstanty Gorski - sheet music and recordings on CDs

We have got special gifts from Mr Grzegorz Seroczyński, the former (2006–2010) General Consul of the Polish Republic in Kharkiv (Ukraine). These...


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A photo - two book covers

Two German-language books by Danuta Gwizdalanka enriched our collection

Two books by Danuta Gwizdalanka from the series “Polnische Profile” by Harrassowitz Verlag Wiesbaden have been delivered by post to our library....


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Zorza prześliczna wynika - CD cover

Zorza prześliczna wynika

Ryszard Wojciul United Orchestra – Zorza prześliczna wynika – Easter songs Ryszard Wojciul United Orchestra: Grażyna Auguścik –...


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A photo of 10 CDs with music by Krzysztof meyer

New CDs with music by Krzysztof Meyer available

A fantastic gift of ten CDs which were not present until now among our CD collections came a few days ago directly from one of the most eminent Polish...


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Chopin University Press logo

Chopin University Press

The Chopin University Press is still more and more surprising - both by their ideas and very rich output. In the matter of fact, it is hard to believe...


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Two book covers

Krzysztof Bilica – Etiudy Chopina i Myśli nad myślami

Krzysztof Bilica is an unusual person. A musicologist, writer, essayist, aphorist, professional editor and music critic. The man of open, bright and...


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A photo: a book on a table

Cindy Bylander – Engaging Cultural Ideologies – arrived!

We have got it! A new book on Polish music written by an outstanding American musicologist Cindy Bylander has reached our library room. More in the...


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Book covers: Iwona Lindstedt - Kazimierz Serocki and Teresa Bochwic - W rytmie Polski; PWM Edition logo

Serocki – Rudziński – PWM Edition

We have not succeeded to publish regularly our thanks and reviews of books, scores and CD which have been presented us by different institutions and...


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Polish Musicological Yearbook – vol. 19 – cover

Polski Rocznik Muzykologiczny / Polish Musicological Yearbook – vol. 19 (2021)

The present issue contains a representative sample of papers delivered at the International Musicological Conference “National identities –...


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Book cover - Violetta Przech: W labiryncie wyobraźni

Violetta Przech: W labiryncie wyobraźni. Zbigniew Bargielski – twórca i dzieło

Violetta Przech: W labiryncie wyobraźni. Zbigniew Bargielski – twórca i dzieło [In the Labyrinth of Imagination. Zbigniew Bargielski - the...


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