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Konstanty Gorski - sheet music and recordings on CDs

A photo: book and two CDs cover

We have got special gifts from Mr Grzegorz Seroczyński, the former (2006–2010) General Consul of the Polish Republic in Kharkiv (Ukraine). These are:

Konstanty Gorski, Utwory odnalezione, Zebrał i wstępem opatrzył Grzegorz Seroczyński, Charków 2010 [Compositions retrieved, edited and commented by Grzegorz Seroczyński]
and, also released in Kharkiv,
two CD albums with music by Konstanty Gorski.

This reminds that on the 26th of April, 2023, at the Polish Music Edition office at Fredry street in Warsaw, an exceptional event was organised by POLMIC and PWM, entitled ‘Resurrection of music: The forgotten composer Konstanty Gorski. The lost opera “Margier” and the full reconstruction of its score by conductor Ivan Kostyakhin’. During that evening Ivan Kostyakhin presented his work on the score which was considered to be lost, as well as excerpts from the opera.

Who was Konstanty Gorski? This remarkable artist, active and significant on the map of musical culture of his time, lived the life of an “eternal migrant” and, probably, for this reason he is almost completely forgotten today. Composer, violinist, and teacher Konstanty Gorski was born in 1859 in the territory of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania (in Lida, now a city in Belarus), studied in Grodno, Vilnius, Warsaw, and St. Petersburg, worked in Georgia, Ukraine, and in the reborn Second Polish Republic. He died in 1924 in Poznań, And it was in Poznań where his opera “Margier” was premiered in 1924.

Mr. Grzegorz Seroczyński is a promoter of music by Konstanty Gorski, one of the founders of the newborn Konstanty Gorski Music Society with which we hope very much to co-operate in the nearest future. (Iz.)