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Sound Chronicle of the 2020 ‘Warsaw Autumn’ Festival

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Sound Chronicle of the 2020 ‘Warsaw Autumn’ Festival

Still with delay - because of financing troubles with finding funds in previous years - we present to you the next, 2020 edition of the ‘Sound Chronicle of the Warsaw Autumn’.

Unfortunately we did not succeed to obtain enough fundings to produce large sets, as it was the case many years ago (when the 'Sound Chronicle' consisted of 7 to 10 CDs). Therefore, similarily to that of the last year, the 2020 ‘Sound Chronicle of the Warsaw Autumn’ consists of three audio CDs and presents recordings of some concerts, including the inauguration and final event. Here you will find a list of compositions published on promotional CDs of the Sound Chronicle of the 2020 'Warsaw Autumn'.

At the same time we continue started in 2021 online presentation of the ‘Sound Chronicle’ with the Festival’s chosen works. You may listen to excerpts of the 2020 Warsaw Autumn within TO LISTEN section of our website.

The project has been subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Culture Promotion Fund as part of the National Institute of Music and Dance programme ‘Muzyczny ślad‘ (Musical Trace).

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The album was released thanks to the support of the ZAiKS Authors' Association. The project partner was Repliq Media Sp. z o.o. We cordially thank all those institutions for their generous support.

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The Polish Composers' Union own releases are are not for sale - the are intended solely for promotional, educational and research purposes. All interested individuals and institutions are welcome to contact us, however, please note that due to the very small circulation and large interest, priority is given to music libraries, where a broad audience can benefit from each set.