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Polski Rocznik Muzykologiczny / Polish Musicological Yearbook – vol. 19 (2021)

Polish Musicological Yearbook – vol. 19 – cover

Polish Musicological Yearbook
“National Identities — European Universality”
vol. 19 (2021)

The present issue contains a representative sample of papers delivered at the International Musicological Conference “National identities – European universality. Music and musical life in Central and Eastern Europe (1918–2018)”, organised to mark the 100th anniversary of the regaining of independence by Poland.

Ten scholars from Poland, Czechia, Lithuania and Hungary reflect in them on the topic formulated in the conference title, focusing on fundamental questions about the relations between music and strategies for building the national identity of its audiences, place of the music of various countries of Central and Eastern Europe in European culture, as well as the oeuvres and aesthetic views of selected composers.

The volume ends with an article presenting an insightful analysis of Roman Palester’s ‘Preludes for Piano’ (1954) in the context of the changes in the composer’s style that took place after he made the difficult and momentous decision to leave his homeland and settle in the “free” West.

Prof. Iwona Lindstedt, editor-in-chief

The present volume is available for purchase at the internet bookshop of the PWM Edition.

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