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Krzysztof Bilica – Etiudy Chopina i Myśli nad myślami

Two book covers

Krzysztof Bilica – two books published in 2022 by Astraia

Krzysztof Bilica is an unusual person. A musicologist, writer, essayist, aphorist, professional editor and music critic. The man of open, bright and lively mind, who always (wisely) smiles.

We have received for our library collection his recent books published by the Astraia edition, Cracow:

Krzysztof Bilica
Etiudy Chopina w Jego „jednym sposobie”
Astraia, Kraków 2022

Krzysztof Bilica
Myśli nad myślami. 444 aforyzmy
Astraia, Kraków 2022
ISBN 978-83-65686-65-7

Both books have been published with the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Polish Republic.

Gongratulations, Krzysztof, and many thanks for precious gifts!